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How to Book 'Rivertime' passenger Boat

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‘Rivertime’ Wheelchair accessible Passenger Boat can carry up to 12 passengers. Operating on the River Thames at Henley-on-Thames, Reading, Oxford and Windsor.


We like to know as much about our passengers as we possibly can prior to launch day, in order that we can ensure you have as an enjoyable time as possible on our boat. Please complete below any other details you think might be useful to us:-

‘RIVERTIME’ Passenger boat operating schedule 2020

Wed 15 April – Wed 29 April     READING

Sat 2 May – Wed 27 May           EYNSHAM

Sat 30 May – Mon 29  June        HENLEY

Wed 1 July – Wed 14  July          WINDSOR

Fri 16 July – end of October      HENLEY

Trip times

11.00 – 13.00      14.00 – 16.00

11.30 – 15.30        16.45 – 18.45

Timings can be flexible at Eynsham and Windsor


Charges for group bookings 2020

April May June July 1st – 14th July 14th – 31st Aug Sept Oct
Base Henley/Reading Eynsham Henley Windsor Henley Henley Henley Henley
Trip cost £160 £220 £240 £220 £240 £240 £220 £160

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