Rivertime Passenger Boat in Lock in Henley

Passenger Safety Briefing

(It is your decision if you decide not to go through the lock due to queues / weather / unmanned lock.
If you decide to stay in the reach rather than travelling through the lock please convey to the passengers with your reason)


  • Welcome aboard ‘Rivertime,’ my name is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­……….and I will be your skipper today. …………will be assisting as crew.
  •  Give details of the trip route intended. 

For your comfort

 The toilet is situated at the back of the boat and can be locked from inside and out. Before accompanying members of the group, please check with the crew as timing may be inappropriate.

 Once we are through the lock, the urn will be switched on and drinks orders taken. If you require the table to be set up, we recommend this once we are back through the lock approx. halfway through your trip.

 If you are too warm or feeling the cold, please let us know. Rivertime has an opening roof and central heating.

For your safety

  • All passengers should remain seated whenever possible, particularly when the boat is leaving or approaching a mooring or travelling through the lock.
  • Your crew will let you know when it is appropriate to use the lift platform as a viewing area. They will need to ensure the safety rail is in place and buoyancy aids are being worn.

 In the highly unlikely event of any emergency please remain calm and follow our instructions.


Ask the Group Leader if permission is granted for Crew/skipper to take pictures of the group and mention  their organisation- any images taken might be used on our marketing on and off-line.

We hope you enjoy your cruise with us today.

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